Kicking the Habit

Helping Psychiatry End Its Addiction

to Prescription Medications


Dr. Alexander Bingham, Psy 19275


Please Note: This blog contains information which may be disturbing to those who need to believe in the infallibility  and incorruptibility of medical science, their doctor, and especially currently accepted theories and practices in psychiatry.    Although every claim in this blog is supported by documented evidence, citing references for every claim would become unwieldy quickly. I welcome constructive comments, questions, and requests to provide sources. All comments will be read by me and posted according to their appropriateness in constructively adding to this important discussion.

Serious addictions are very difficult to break, especially if the addict is in denial of the destructive nature of their addiction to themselves and others. The situation is made much worse if an addict is also a successful dealer of their addictive substance and profits from promoting its use.

Our species has become seriously addicted to prescription medications and the unproven theories which support their use in treating psychological distress. Once the  pioneer of mental health innovation, the field of psychiatry now simply produces socially-sanctioned drug dealers addicted to the money, power , and substances generated from their prescription pads. Their suppliers, profit-driven pharmaceutical corporations, manufacture and legally advertise their toxic chemicals as safe and effective to practitioners and the public, creating an  ever-expanding market of dealers and buyers.

This blog is for all psychological professionals, their clients, and anyone interested in learning both about the serious flaws and the next positive steps in  the evolution of current psychological theory and practice. This blog provides both a sobering perspective and a hopeful solution to the potentially fatal threats to our health and freedom posed by the current leaders of our mental health system.

I am a somatic clinical psychologist, researcher, and teacher specializing in helping clients recover from the effects of psychological distress caused by traumatic life circumstances. I work with a full spectrum of people in distress : children, adults, families, and business groups. I have experience working successfully to support people in recovering from severe depression, addiction and even psychosis without relying on medications or debilitating diagnoses. I am founding director of Full Spectrum, an integrative psychological health, education, and training center providing a successful non-pathological alternative to hospitalization and medication for severely distressed individuals. Please explore the link to the Full Spectrum website to your left for a fuller explanation of the integrative therapeutic approach I employ for all levels of psychological distress.

I am a social and psychological activist.  I will support anyone  who decides to reduce, discontinue, or avoid the use of medications prescribed for their psychological distress in a safe, supported way. Whether coming to the decision to before, during, or after suffering the debilitating effects of the toxic chemicals and depressing diagnoses offered you for your psychological distress, I consider  those struggling to resist the  immense pressure of medical and social opinion to accept medications as necessary  and safe treatments as heroic in the highest degree. You are social activists, too, creating a healthier human species one person at a time.

In addition to those who need support recovering from the direct effects of dangerous and ineffective psychological theories and treatments, many graduate and medical students, teachers, and clinicians find they also need support in their recovery from their forced addiction to dangerous and ineffective assumptions contained in their psychological training. This blog provides information, discussion, and support for both practitioners and clients in the field of mental health.